• How does The Donald Signal work?

The Donald Signal is a fully automated trading system. It has a medium-low risk profile with a very conservative money management. Operations are made during European, American and Asian sessions, using a deep set of technical analysis tools. Basically strategy is based on "volatility breakout" and "return to mean" theories. It uses averaging and hedging methods. It works only on GOLD (XAUUSD) and has a monthly target profit at least 4%. Recommended starting balance to join the signal is only $1000.

  • What are the results?

  • Is it possible to test it with a demo account?

No. A demo account often misrepresents trading results and therefore it is always better to test with a live trading account.

  • Can I set custom limitations to The Donald Trading System?

Yes, you can set limitations for symbols, time of week, balance and more in the settings of The Donald Trading System.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the Signal Start website or from your PayPal account.

  • How do I cancel Auto Renew?

You can see the status of Auto Renew of your account in the "Auto Renew" column in the corresponding tab.  In order to cancel a follower account's auto renew, please go to your "Billing" section, select your account in "My Accounts" tab and click "Cancel Auto Renew". In order to cancel the subscription's Auto Renew, please go to your "Billing" section, select The Donald Signal in the "Signals" tab and click "Cancel Auto Renew".

  • Do I need to configure anything after connecting my account to Signal Start?

Signal Start is completely automated and once you've connected your account to Signal Start, you are ready to start subscribing to The Donald Signal.

  • Do I need to complete payment every time the subscription expires?

Signal Start will automatically bill your account every month to make sure your trading is uninterrupted. In case the payment fails, we will notify you so you can update your payment settings.

  • Is it safe to provide to Signal Start my trading account's login details?

Yes. Signal Start makes use of the latest technologies to make sure your personal data is completely safe. Your login details are kept in an encrypted format on their servers, with maximal security protocols.

  • How do I adjust risk?

When you subscribe to The Donald Signal, you can change the multiplier value (either at subscribing or afterwards in your management screen); changing this value will show you immediately the hypothetical return and risk you could have based on the data gathered so far. A multiplier of value 1 means you're getting the same risk ratio as the provider.

  • How is lot size calculated?

In order to adjust the risk taken in The Donald Signal Provider's account to yours, Signal Start uses the following formula:

  1. contract_size_ratio = provider_contract_size/follower_contract_size;
  2. balance_ratio = follower_balance/provider_balance;
  3. account_currency_ratio = follower_account_currency to provider_account_currency ratio;
  4. follower_trade_size = provider_trade_size X contract_size_ratio X balance_ratio X account_currency_ratio X Multiplier.
  • How is risk calculated

Risk is the maximal drawdown of The Donald Trading Systems and appears in the risk - it ranges from 0% to 100%. When you adjust the multiplier of each system, you will notice the risk bar adjusting accordingly, showing you the total risk in real time. Please note, in an effort to protect your account's equity, Signal Start does not allow setting a risk of more than 100%.

  • Are results verified?

Yes. The data is taken directly from the broker of The Donald Signal Provider's trading account.

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